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Hello, and welcome to my personal page Sierra has built for me! My name is Sue Wilkinson, and I live in the beautiful state of West Virginia, where the mountains seem to stretch to the sky, and the beauty of God's creations are breathtaking; and you have the most wonderful, caring, friendly folks that can be found anywhere in the world! I live in the suburbs of Charleston, WV; which is the capitol of our beautiful state. I was born here, reared here, and most likely will die here. I was reared by parents who took me to church from birth. My parents, Rev. Elza and Mrs. Garnet Moss, were the bright spots of inspiration in my life. Being told, and hearing the word of God wasn't optional, it was mandatory. I thank God continually for what was instilled in my heart as a child. Yet to this day.....memories linger still! One day I will meet them in that city four square that has been prepared for all those who do His will! Glor-rry! I have been married to Richard for 44 years. Yes...the same fellow, and I still love him! We have four children, all grown, and plenty of grandchildren, and a few great grandchildren. Nothing like those grandchildren to help fill one's days....they are a joy, and a great blessing from our Heavenly Father. One of the greatest passions in my life is singing Southern Gospel music. I've sang in gospel groups for over 35 years and truly enjoyed every minute of it. I love doing the work of the Lord, and seeing others blessed! My love for reading poetry was instilled in my heart when I was but a lad. I've always loved poetry, but never in a million years did I ever dream I would someday write poetry! However, the poetry writing skills was awakened within me sometime back through the Holy Spirit of God. Why did He wait this long to start using me in this way? I honestly can't tell you, other than ...I'm more a willing servant now, and closer to the Lord than I ever remember. I love the Word of God. As you will see...most of my poems are Bible based. Every poem thus far I've written is straight from my heart. When I feel Him working on my heart, I always ask that He would guide my thoughts and mind; and that He will give me something that will bless anyone who reads them. I pray that whatever poem you read, that it will touch you in a positive way, and draw you closer to our wonderful Master. I give Him ALL the glory, and honor......for without Him, I'm nothing! With Him...I'm Something! Thank You Jesus! P.S. I must give special thanks to my friend, and wonderful poet, Norma Marek from Tennessee. She has edited every poem I've written. Thank you dear Norma, for being my mentor; for your wisdom, encouragement, honesty, and just being there. I love you dearly!