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Poem #27
"My Angels In Heaven"

How precious are my angels
these little girls of mine
Their tiny cherub faces
looking down on me with love

I never got to hold them
or know what it was like
To look into their newborn eyes
or touch their cheeks so sweet

God must have needed angels
when he took my babies home
To live with him in heaven
and to sit beside his throne

The little time I carried you
fluttering softly in my womb
These are precious memories
of years gone by too soon

Christina Marie and Jaimie Lynn
one day we'll meet again
Until that time watch over me
and with my heart, I send the love within

Poem #28

"Angel Wings"

Angel wings brush my cheek
watch me now as I sleep.
Gently touch my heart tonight
and take my dreams into flight.

Gather me in your wings of white
until I wake with morning light.
Walk with me as I go
surround me with your ever present glow.

Touch me with your love devine
which gives me sweet peace of mind.
Let me touch all those I see
and give to them what is given me.

Poem #29 (August 19, 2002)
"Take My Hand"

Take my hand and walk with me
to the corners of the earth
where once the brightness I could see
now the darkness lurks beneath

Let me touch your smiling face
and remember each precious line
created by God's own grace
before the shadow's turn into night

Take my hand and guide it gently
across those eyes of blue
help me remember you completely
while I touch your lips with mine

Sit beside me and hold me close
for I fear the darkness the most
let me memorize this pose
before the darkness takes my sight

As the light becomes a blur
and your face I see no more
always dear, forever remember
our love will go on and on

For even though I cannot see
darkness shall not take you
silently away from me
our love burns forever bright

Poem #30 (August 22, 2002)
"Making A Choice"

There comes a time in everyone's life
when they must make a choice
To let the past become their future
or their future a time to rejoice

I've chosen my future and not my past
but have learned and grown from it too
I've let go of my guilt and my sorrow's spent
and my heart will remain forever true

You must let go of your past to live
and to redeem your selfworth again
Don't let your past become your future
and refuse to love and live 'til then

I won't let the voice of shame and guilt
to cause heartache forever more
I've chosen instead to love and live
for in the future, there's much to explore

Poem #31 (August 28, 2002)
"With Every Sunset"

Come with me to a far off land
where the ocean breezes blow
Sit with me beside the shore
see the beauty God does bestow

Let's watch the sunset hand in hand
and dream of days gone by
Look towards the horizon and beyond
for the love we can never deny

A love so deep and meaningful
but one that cannot be shared
With anyone but ourselves
and only in our hearts declared

And as we part this night
with separate paths we must go
Remember our love is true
and with every sunset, does grow

Poem #32 (August 31, 2002)

"Life's Great Window"

When I was very young
to the beach I would go
I'd sit upon the rocks
and look at life's great window

This is what the ocean means to me
with each wave, like a whisper in my ear
And what I came to think about
would make my thoughts become so clear

I'd walk away with head held high
and no longer with a heavy heart
For somewhere in that great window
my problems had seemed to depart

Poem #33 (September 1, 2002)
"My Angel's Halo""

I see a light shining in the dark
a glow beyond compare
Such radiance I've never seen
one so lovely and so rare

Surely this must be my angel
who is watching over me
For when I wake in the night
it is this light that I do see

I fall back to sleep in peaceful slumber
knowing my angel watches over me
And in the morning when I wake
I know my angel's there, although I cannot see

For it must be her halo glowing in the dark
reminding me she's always there
To comfort me and give me strength
telling me sweetly do not despair

Poem #34 (September 3, 2002)
"Another Piece of Heaven"

Majestic are these mountains
each one different as the next
They surround us with beauty
keeping all who sees perplexed

For these mighty mountains
have a life all their own
Each one a different color
even red and green limestone

You can travel on their roads
each one taking a different turn
Every place that you visit
there's something new you'll learn

As I look at them in the distance
see the sun go down behind them
I am once again reminded
from God's hands and love they stem

Such awesome beauty they bestow
around each and every bend
They seem to go on forever
never knowing where they end

One of God's great creations
these mountains in the desert
Their magnificence a challenge
so unspoiled and unhurt

I could describe in just one word
and in one plain and simple lesson
There is nothing more beautiful
it's another piece of "heaven"

Poem #35 (September 6, 2002)
This poem I wrote about my 16 year old son who always has a smile and hug for everyone he sees.

"Rainbow Child"

My rainbow child so young and free
your spirit rules my heart
the love you show the world
is one which will never depart

Your face aglow like an angel's
lights even the darkest room
and your smile is almost heavenly
like a spring flower in bloom

Your embrace so sweet and gentle
that lets me know that you care
you fill my heart with happiness
letting me know you're always there

Your eyes light up when you smile
bringing joy to whomever you see
your spirit is like the rainbow
I'm blessed God has given you to me

Poem #36 (September 17, 2002)
"I Love You"

I see the love in your eyes
when you look at me that way
I hear the love in your voice
when my name you gently say

It is a love I never knew
had existed until this day
And, one never expressed
never knew would pass my way

Why did you wait so long
to tell me that you love me
It could have made a difference
look deep in my eyes, you'll see

That the love you feel for me
is one that I feel for you
Look deep within my heart
this love I feel is true

Together we can never be
nor share a loving touch
But, always remember this
I do love you so very much

Poem #37 (October 10, 2002)

"A Child, A Woman"

I am a child, a woman
all wrapped up in one
Still wanting the things of my youth
yet keeping those of the woman I've become

I dream of many yesterday's
and of the tomorrow's there will be
Now longing for the memories
of the past which set me free

For as the days go by
each bringing a brand new dawn
I'm constantly reminded of
a childhood which now is gone

I reach for the morning light
and grasp each brand new day
For in those many tomorrow's
my life and future lay

Poem #38 (October 18, 2002)
"Your Smile So Sweet"

I step into the light and see your smile so sweet
a gentle touch of your hand felt deep within my heart
Looking at your soul as together our eyes meet
bringing back memories of a time so long ago

When together we strolled hand in hand
never having to speak a word because we knew
Each other's thoughts while walking in the cool, soft sand
only hearing the sound of our hearts beating as one

Never caring to look at another living soul
while together we stood where the ocean breezes blow
Vowing to love only each other was our one true goal
and to spend forever wrapped in the arms of love

Seeing you now, still smiling so sweet
I'm reminded once more of the love we share
Always in my heart which makes my life complete
for in this brief moment, a tear does fall

We pass each other slowly, touching gently as we did back then
but you'll go your way, and I'll go mine
And never will our eyes meet each other's again
where once there was a beginning, there now must be an end

Poem #39 (October 18, 2002)
"The Melody of Love"

Oh, sweet song, the melody of love
The voices of the angel’s sing
Softly whispering from the cloud’s above
While their radiant voices bring

Joy to those who hear their words
While the mighty trumpet blasts
And the chirping of the bluebirds
For however long it lasts

Gently do the breeze’s blow
The fluttering of angel’s wings
For in my heart I know
It is that of heavenly beings

Sent to me out of love
To guard and protect me
A beautiful white dove
For only those eyes to see

That can hear the angel’s voices
Sweetly singing the melody of love
Gently helping us with choices
And giving us a gentle shove

So that we may be free
To live the way we choose
Just as it was meant to be
Not a life to abuse

We must listen to the angel’s
For in their message sent
Their harmony, it sparkles
And leaves the heart content

Poem #40 (November 4, 2002)
I wrote this poem for my husband Sam, for our 24th wedding anniversary which we celebrated today! It tells exactly how I feel about him! I love you Sam, you only have 37 more years to go to keep your 61 year promise! I would like to again thank my dear friend and poet, Pat Ford for helping to edit this poem so that it would flow just right. Thank you Pat, I love you very much!

"Come Sail With Me"

Come sail with me on seas of green
and share my life and dreams
Let us travel where the horizon meets
where heart and soul becomes serene.

No one knows what the future may hold
so we must grab on to today,
Before it is lost in waves of the past
where life becomes hard to unfold.

Let us grasp each moment that comes along
and hold on forever more.
Come sail away with me again today
because in each others arms we belong.

You are my love, my strength, my mate
on whom I will always depend,
For all the years together we've spent
our love remains strong - always drawn from heaven's gate.

I loved you then, I love you still
as always by each others side,
We'll travel along with hands held tight
and together our futures fulfill.

Come sail with me to a world unknown
just like we did back then,
When we were young and life was new
where the seeds of our love were sown.

Life's blessings will be ours to bestow
as together we shall grow old,
While sailing upon that sea so deep
where as one, forever we'll flow.

Poem #41 (November 6,2002)

"An Angel By My Side"

I've got an angel by my side,
and he's with me every day.
He brings me joy and happiness,
although he's miles and miles away.

I feel his presence everywhere I go,
and know God sent him here to stay,
To pick me up when I am down,
always sending love along the way.

I can't believe how blessed I've been,
to have such an angel sent my way.
I only hope that he knows how I feel,
because word's sometimes are hard to say.

I cherish this angel with all of my heart,
and all the smiles he gives - I try to give back.
It isn't very often, one this special comes along,
and he has a name, My Angel Buddy Jack!

Poem #42 (November 10, 2002)

"The Long Last Mile"

Help my heart to see what my eyes cannot
and search the morning sun, and the newborn moon
for an understanding, if only for this moment
of this life which was taken far too soon.

I cannot yet grasp all the reasons why
a heart so young and free must leave
this world in haste, such waste!
Your final moments so hard to conceive.

Never have I seen a town so filled with grief
than on that day we had to say good-bye.
A million tears shed for one small boy
whose heart was as big as the deep blue sky.

Two little girls sang a song so sweet,
that the melody was heard on high.
It made even the angels stand so still
before gathering you in their arms to fly.

Now, only memories of a time not long ago
fill our thoughts with your great big smile.
Forever engraved in the hearts of many,
as we watched you race that long last mile.

Poem #43 (December 7, 2002)

"May Angels Watch Over You"

May angels watch over you on this day,
giving you peace and comfort along the way.
Where there are tears, let there be laughter,
and let there be smiles every day after.

Take comfort in knowing that God is there,
with you and your loved one as you kneel in prayer.
He sends down his angels from heaven above,
so you both feel the warmth of his ever present love.

Although from each other you are far apart,
take comfort in knowing you're in each other's heart.
For pretty soon the day will be here,
and in his arms you'll be drawn so near.

The memories of being apart will fade,
and will be replaced with new ones you've made.
So, always remember the good times the two of you share,
and know there are others out here who care.

May angels watch over you on this day,
and give you serenity as you pray.
Close your eyes and dream so sweet,
and listen to your hearts as one they beat.

For soon you'll be with the one you love,
and dancing under the pale moon above,
forgetting all the reasons why you cried,
leaving only happiness and joy inside.

Poem #44 (January 5, 2003)

"Enter My Heart"

Enter my heart and feed my soul
with a love so strong and true.
Touch my mind and light up my life
deep within for the world to renew,

All that which our hearts desire,
in all the stars in heaven above.
Dream with me a thousand times over
and strengthen the bonds of love.

Instill in me all that you see and feel,
promising me that forever we'll be
together always, in good times and bad,
and travel that endless sea of love with me.

Place your loving arms around me,
surround me in the rapture of the night.
Fill me with nature's sweet nectar
of precious kisses gentle with delight.

Enter my heart and remember this day,
where memories will last forever more.
Treasures made in the hearts of two,
and in our lives for each other to adore.