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My Family

The photo to the right was taken in 1999, I believe. This is the first and only family photo that we have ever had done. Sam's mom, or grandma as we called her, is seated. On August 4th of 2004 she turned 94 years young. She would let nothing get her down, until she was stricken with cancer and it took her away from us on April 11, 2005. Sons, Sammy and Chris are now 33 and 28  and are quite a bit taller than pictured. Sammy is taller than his dad and Chris is a few inches taller than myself. Sam and I are very proud of them both.

My son Sammy whose given name is also Saverio, is a second, no junior after his name. He is employed with the Mineral Country Sheriff's Department, where he is and has been a Deputy for about ten years now.  He is a first degree black belt in an Okinawan style Karate and is a certified teacher of this style.  Sammy no longer lives with us but still comes over every day, looking for food. He is married almost six years now to Danielle and they have a beautiful little boy named Landon who brings everyone sunshine and joy. Danielle is the joy in Sammy's eyes and the love in his heart. A very special young woman who we love dearly.

My son Chris who graduated from high school in 2004 was an avid skate boarder until an accident in January of this year, injured his back and now he is no longer doing the many tricks he used to do.  He is a second degree brown belt, also in the Okinawan style.
He enjoys skate boarding with friend's and in his pastime, he breaks body parts. I can say this with humor, only because we have been through it so many times with him, although with the back injury, he spends no more time doing this and you can usually find him shooting pool with many friends in our garage. He and Sammy are like night and day, and both are special in their own unique way. I mean that with lots of love.  Chris is a Munitions Handler at the Army Depot where we live and blows up bombs.  Chris was married on July 17, 2010 to Sonja who is a perfect match for him, seems they were meant for each other and we are happy to have another daughter-in-law. 

My husband's name is Sam and he was born in upstate New York. He is 100% Sicilian and his given name is Saverio. He is my rock every day and in times when I need him the most! He enjoys fishing and camping, and loves to go to the stock car races in season and also enjoys shooting pool with friends.  He is a Detention Aide at the Don Goforth Juvenile Detention Center where I work.  He seems to enjoy working there and gets along with kids very well.
He and I have been married 35 years, this past November 4, 2013 and I cannot see myself with anyone else. After all, he has promised me 61 years, so, we have a few to go yet.
When I first met him in 1977, I was not impressed whatsoever. His cousin introduced us since his cousin and I worked together. When I quit to work at a better paying job, I would pass by my old employer's and see Sam talking to a very good friend of mine. I would stop each day to say hello and then I would leave just as fast. In December of 1977 we both (but separately) attended a Christmas party thrown by my old employer, only four people were in attendance. Being the only male at the party, I made him walk me to my car when it was time to go home. We stood there for about two hours talking. The following week, my old employer threw another party, which again we were both in attendance. It was then that he asked me to marry him and I said yes. And, there you have it, eleven months later we were married.


I come from a mixed up family!  Between my mother and my father, I am Scotch, Welsh, Irish, Dutch and German, with about an eigth of Indian, either Seneca or Delaware. I do know that somewhere in my background I have relatives that immigrated from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Germany. When I married my husband Sam who is 100% Sicilian and had children, they became just as mixed up as I am and you can interpret that anyway you like! I am a natural blonde and by the way I do or say certain things, I get called "Blondie" and both of my boys are blonde as well! Being half Sicilian has its advantages but to look at both of my sons, you could never tell that they have Sicilian blood running through their veins, unless, of course they get angry over something. These are the times I refer to them to their father as being his sons, not mine!