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I would like to take the opportunity to welcome a very special person to my site and to my poetry page, Patricia Ford's granddaughter Michelle Vander Sluis. For those who know Pat, she is an amazing person, and an even more amazing poet. Her poems are so beautiful and they take my breath away. You can read Pat's work on my Gifted Poets Page. I feel very honored to be able to display her work on my site and I am very happy to have her granddaughter's work as well. Michelle's poem reminds me of my earlier poems when I also was a teenager and didn't know who I was and where I was going in my life. I would like to thank Pat and Michelle for wanting their poetry displayed among mine. I hope to display more in the future! Thanks Pat! Thanks Michelle!


My name is Michelle Vander Sluis. I was 16 years old when I wrote this poem. It was a time in my life when I didn’t know what or who I was. Even now that I am a little older, I still don’t know who I am. This poem was written in my room while I was sitting on my bed. I was actually grounded – LOL!

I graduated High School in the year 2000. In the near future, I will be going back to school to start preparing for my career of choice – psychology. I want to counsel young people. I feel I can relate to them, their problems and confusion since I have so recently been there. So, all you young girls or boys out there, I hope you read this poem and get as much out of it as I did when I wrote it. Thanks for taking the time. . . .

I feel like a baby, wanting to cry.
I feel like a cat, way too shy.

I feel like a girl who wants one last kiss.
I feel like a mother when it’s my baby I miss.

I feel like a flower, waiting to bloom.
I feel like a bomb, ready to go ka-boom!

I feel like a pillowcase, oh so used.
I feel like a dropped apple, all battered and bruised.

I may feel this way, but I know what I am….
A teenager all confused!

How about you?

Michelle J. Vander Sluis
January 28, 1998
I would like to welcome another very special person to my web site, Loretta Pray! She is not only a friend to my younger son Chris, but to myself as well! I have grown to love her as if she were my own daughter. We converse on a daily basis on chat and also on the phone and have found her to be a young person so full of life, with high expectations of herself. She is very bright, bubbly, and is a caring and devoted daughter and sister to her mother who has Multiple Schlerosis and her brother who is 33 years old and developmentally handicapped, she cares for both of them daily. I think that you will find her poetry not too much different from my own when I was her age (15). Below, you will find five of her poems, enjoy reading them!

As time goes on we wonder
Why has god put me here
Why hasn't he taken me away yet
When will he take me

Sometimes I wish
I wish I could fly
Fly away
Far from here
The place called home

My home
What home
Is a home a place where you live
Or is it the place where you feel comfortable

This is not my home
This is the place where my name is known
But nobody cares
Loretta, Oh yeah I know her

Home is not a place
Home is where the heart is
My heart is not here
My heart is trapped
Not free

I am trapped
Locked up so tight
No room for my heart or me
No room to breathe

No room for me
Should I leave
Is it my time to leave
I wish I could fly
Far away from here

Fly far from here
The place called home, but is not my home.

Being miserable Counting the minutes Days without him alone
Everybody says move on go
Frustrated not knowing what to do
Giving is so hard when you're alone
Hiding my face that is covered in tears
Incredible surges of pain and heart break ripping apart
Just here wishing I could prove my love for him
Keeping hope that one day we will be together again forever
Loving him and not being able to be with him hurts deep
Mourning a love that once was, but has gotten lost is coldly miserable
Never before have I felt such an awful pain over someone, a true love
Only being with him takes away my regrets, my anger, and brings out my love
Praying every night for him to come back so we cold be together and love him
Quivering at the thought of losing him completely makes me cry, ache, and hurt all over constantly
Regretting everything that I have done wrong, wishing I was in his loving arms at
this very second
Slowly, it feels as though he is slipping away and I am trying to reach him, but can't Though I hope he will forgive me and come back and once again hold me in his tender arms Untamed is his heart that I wish was mine,
Understanding how he feels, trying to show my love for him
Vibrantly shining is my heart and yet he fails to see it.
What can I do to make him see my love?
Why can't he understand? Why aren't we together? Why doesn't
he love me? I wish he could see me waiting.
X-pecially, waiting for him to see me.
Hopefully it will be soon. Being miserable without him.
I have him held close to my heart.
Yearning for his hugs, his touch, his compassion. Wishing he was mine.
Oh what i would give for him to be mine and only mine.
Zippo, that's what I get. No matter how hard I wish and pray that he is mine again someday it will always be up to him.

"Who Am I?"

Stuck in between
Trying to figure out
Who I am

Am I a little girl
Am I a woman
What am I
Not knowing how to act

Trying to be my own person
Trying to be how everyone says I'm supposed to be
Not knowing who to believe

Things are changing
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Season's... People... Life...

Finding my way
Through this long path set out for me
Every corner
Every turn
The slightest move changes

Stuck in between
Trying to figure out
Who I am


Being thankful
Thankful for

Thankful for
My mommy
Who is my

Thankful for
My friends
Who are
Always there for me
Especially in times of

I am thankful for
Everything and
Everybody in my


Staring at the

Wishing we were together alongside each other
Side by side
Holding each other

I know he cares
Why doesn't he show it
Tears streaming down my face
And yet he says not a word

Dreaming dreams
He's always there
Reality hits
He's not there

Seeing him
He's mean and unjust
Insecure about feelings

Feelings never felt before
Not sure what to do or say
I am a wreck

Wishing, hoping, praying
Figuring out who and what I am
Figuring out feelings for him
Feelings that are mutual

Wanting each other
But feelings interfere