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How do you describe the rainbow? You have all these qualities that no other holds, you know, like the rainbow, each color is for a different part of your heart, your soul and each one comes together and joins the other and makes the whole package.

Poem #45
"Forever My Heart"

Just one touch and then I knew,
that forever my heart belonged to you.
Only one glance is all it took,
my heart would become an open book.

The love we share is so brand new,
and what I feel is ever so true.
No matter what the future may hold,
my love for you will never grow old.

Though we’ll never walk hand in hand,
nor lie together on the cool beach sand,
I know that together we’ll always be,
keeping the memories alive, you’ll see.

For deep within this heart of mine,
will forever shine, a light devine.
And as we go our separate ways,
tears may fill the coming days.

But, as we travel past today,
and into the future come what may,
know forever you’ve captured that part,
of all that is dear, you are “Forever My Heart”

© Sierra – June 19, 2003


Poem #46
Can You Feel My Whisper?

As sure as the sun rises and sets,
My love for you will never die,
But will only grow stronger,
With each tear that I cry.

Can You Feel My Whisper?

Though my heart is breaking,
And sinking, like a ship at sea,
With the waves slowly turning,
It is time to set you free.

Can You Feel My Whisper?

Locked within this heart of mine,
Is a love so strong and true,
That guides my life to and fro,
Keeping me longing to be with you.

Can You Feel My Whisper?

Gazing into your eyes I see,
My friend, my lover, my heart and soul.
And, still my heart is torn in two,
With emotion, so out of control.

Can You Feel My Whisper?

Carry my heart upon the winds sweet breeze,
And take it with you wherever you may go.
Be not afraid of what might be,
But from its warmth feel my glow.

Can You Feel My Whisper?

And as we travel down life's highway,
Going each our separate ways,
Please know I'll always love you,
And in my heart, forever your love stays.

Can You Feel My Whisper?

When gentle breezes touch your face,
And raindrops fall so fine,
Please listen closely and you might hear,
Whispers of love, to your heart, from mine.

Can You Feel My Whisper?

     © Sierra - October 7, 2003


Poem #47
My Child

My child, why do you suffer so,
When all around you is my love,
From the air that you breathe,
That softly blows from above,

To the ground beneath your feet.
What is it that causes such pain,
And the sorrow in your eyes,
That you feel there's nothing to gain.

Look deep within your heart to see,
The life I've given to you.
Not always an easy road to travel,
Nor, always sky's of blue.

But if you look beneath the tears,
And the anger that holds you tight,
And, open your eyes wide to see,
I am there at the end of the light.

I will never abandon you,
Though at times you think I do.
You are my child born of love,
And each day I give, is brand new.

I give you my solemn promise,
That if you walk with me today,
On those days that it's the hardest,
And you are kneeling there to pray,

I will send you down a message,
Carried gently on angel wings.
I will tell you of a journey,
As this angel softly sings.

This journey is forever,
For even in death it shall not end.
I will gladly walk beside you,
And carry you around each difficult bend.

I only ask you love me,
As I have always loved you.
Please remember my promise,
In tough times I'll carry you through.

     © Sierra - October 8, 2003


The poem below I have written for a very special friend whom I respect and admire as a wonderful human being!  This is for you Dan, with love!

Poem #48
Let Me Help Ease Your Pain

Where is it written that a man should not cry?
But, hold steadfast and strong all the feelings inside.
All that he feels and lives with each day,
Holding back all the tears he thinks he must hide.

I know it's not easy to show that soft side,
And still be able to prove you're a man.
For even the strongest of all men can weep,
While holding together all that he can.

Do not be afraid to shed even one tear,
For that's what makes you, who you are.
It is only the truly unselfish man,
That can spread his emotions oh so far.

In this life we have but only one chance,
To give, of ourselves, once, and for all,
And to touch the hearts of all whom we know,
Even if on our knees, we must fall.

For on those bended knees we learn,
To be, ever so humble.
While baring our souls, we do exclaim,
It's okay for that mountain of pride to crumble.

When next you feel the tears slowly flowing,
And you don't know where to turn,
Just remember this dear friend,
It is with experience you learn,

To tackle what life sends your way,
For you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.
And somewhere along your travels,
I hope you let me help ease your pain.

        © Sierra  - November 7, 2003


Poem #49
"Empty Tears"

Though the drops upon my pillow fall,
and the pain in my chest - my heart doth call.
It beckons me into a fretful sleep,
where my mind wonders into the deep,

Corners of my restless soul,
where once I felt completely whole.
And now there lies such emptiness,
where once I yearned for your sweet caress.

Such feelings I have never felt,
but the hands of fate I have been dealt,
to live my life alone once more,
while watching you walk out the door,

Of my heart, so easily broken,
from the harshness of words you've spoken.
With eyes as cold as steel,
piercing like a knife I feel,

As if my life has been drained of all,
and in its place I've built a wall,
where not a word, nor hateful look,
can penetrate, where once I shook.

Where once the tears of love did flow,
now, only loneliness and sorrow show.
And never more to show my fears,
for in the darkness, I cry "empty tears".

     © Sierra – December 21, 2003


The poem below was written for my son Sammy shortly before he turned two years old in 1982.  I found it among some papers in a drawer.

Poem #50
June 19, 2004

A Poem for Sammy

Tiny tot so sweet and true,
with laughing smile and eyes so blue.
You run and play every day,
each one brings a new word to say.

For dada was the first word said,
as you clung to him from your bed.
And, on dada's face the biggest smile,
the warmth was felt for a country mile.

And, learning grandma was a chore,
but, each day you say it more.
And, in her eyes a twinkle shows,
that in her heart, much love glows.

Each day as we look at you,
it's hard to believe you'll soon be two.
But, looking forward to that day,
many a gifts for you, with to play.

© Sierra - 1982


Poem #51
"Holding My Hand"

When morning light dances upon the windowsill,
And the painted sky shows blue,
When springtime flowers bloom so bright,
I will be thinking of you.

In fields of daisies and daffodils,
With mornings filled with dew,
I will smell the newborn air,
Which will carry me the whole day through.

In the brightest part of the day,
When the sun is at high noon,
While bluebirds fly overhead,
They sing their most beautiful tune.

And in the early evening,
When the sun sets in the west,
This is the magical moment,
When life is peacefully at rest.

When the moon slowly rises,
And the stars come out to play,
My mind drifts gently backwards,
It's here I kneel to pray.

I am thankful for the sunlight,
I feel upon my face,
And for every breath I take,
For the birds, that, fly with grace.

I ask for another tomorrow,
Like the one I had today.
I ask for abounding faith,
And from it never to stray.

In this peaceful solitude,
I hear my angels sing,
Whispering gently in the breeze,
As the bells in heaven ring,

Calling me ever so softly,
To God's Holy Land,
Where alone I'll never be,
For it is He, that is holding my hand.

       © Sierra – July 4, 2004


Poem #52
"Seems Like Yesterday"

It seems like yesterday,
When you told me "I love you"!
Relaxing on a blanket at the beach,
My love for you could not have been more true.

On a blanket on the floor we lay,
Holding each other as I gazed into your eyes,
Wanting so much more than I could give,
My innocence seen, I knew you'd realize.

We talked, we drove, and held each other's hand,
Enjoying each moment we spent alone.
Little did I know, it would not last.
A sad good-bye and my emotions thrown,

From my heart filled with so much pain.
I could not think, but could only cry,
For the love that we once shared.
Yet in my heart, a love I could never deny.

Even as the years passed by,
With a phone call here, and a phone call there,
I remembered a time so long ago,
When memories of you, filled the air.

Then one day, you said those magical words,
That I too, harbored deep within my heart.
Only now the years have made it too late,
To go back in time, to make a new start.

I will however remember those days,
When we were young, and so in love.
And, although we no longer talk,
My love shines bright, like the sunshine above.

I will forever love you, from afar,
And hope one day you'll feel the same.
And, although together we may never be,
Neither of us is really to blame.

Just remember the good times we shared,
And the love buried deep within,
Two hearts separated by time,
But a love that neither can win,

Nor lose if we keep it alive,
Locked deep in the memory of "us".
Worry not what the past could have been,
It's the future we could discuss,

But, knowing the paths we've chosen,
I must accept and go on,
And live my life without you,
Knowing your love for me is gone.

I only wish that I could see you,
To know it's really true,
I'd want to see it in your eyes,
And know it's really through.

Please remember me with fondness,
For in my heart, you'll always stay,
My love for you remains ever true,
In my heart, it "Seems Like Yesterday"

© Sierra – July 13, 2004


 Poem #53

"Dream the Impossible"

Reach to touch those stars,
for heaven waits beyond them.
Talk to the man in the moon,
and, write your life's memoirs,

For, all the world to read.
Don't hold back those tears of joy,
of sadness, or fear.
For, you can succeed.

Take a walk and pick a daisy,
feel the wind in your hair.
Embrace the life God gave you,
run and skip, act crazy.

Be the child you are inside,
Though, in the mirror those lines you see.
For only in your hearts eyes,
does that pain within, subside.

And, only in your heart,
can you make your life complete.
Don't give in to the world around you,
for in it, you got your start,

To live your life as best you can,
to see the colors of the rainbow.
Paint a picture wild and free,
show your love for your fellow man.

Never think your life's too full,
there's always room for more.
Don't wait for tomorrow, for it's never too late.
Dare to "Dream the Impossible."

       © Sierra – September 19, 2004