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My name is Sierra Lynn and I was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on November 25, 1954. My parents and two siblings, moved to California when I was four years old. Coming across country, we stopped in Sacramento, California where we lived for six months, right at the edge of the Sacramento River. We had all the luxuries of a regular home, running water and electricity. From Sacramento, we moved to the L.A. area where we moved here and there and finally settled in Gardena where I grew up and lived with my parents until the day I married. My parents were your normal every day parents and filled my life with love and all the strength in the world so that I might be able to handle anything that would come my way. I owe my strength, mainly to my father, who was the strongest person that I know. I am a wife and mother of two boys. In May of 2003, I graduated from Western Nevada Community College where I was a full time student, and I received my Associate of Arts Degree.  On March 12th of 2014 I received my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Westwood College. At one point I did day care in my home and enjoyed it very much, but with going to school full time, I needed a break, so I no longer have the day care, but I do watch my one year old grandson, Landon. I pride myself in being the cheapest Day Care provider in town.  As I grow older, I find I can relate more to teenagers, as they flock to me to seek advice on many issues. When I was 16, I worked in the nursery at church during Vacation Bible School. I also worked in a convalescent home, writing letters for people who were unable to write, feeding those who were unable to feed themselves and taking some for walks in their wheelchairs who were unable to go out by themselves. Just being there for those who had no family to visit them, seemed to make such a difference in their lives. Babysitting was the one thing that I did well and for one year, it is what I did for nine hours a day, six days a week from 3:00 p.m.. until midnight, along with my regular job during the day from 6:00 a.m.. to 2:00 p.m.. I would like to think of myself as a very caring and warm human being that would go out of my way to help someone else, but, I do have my moments as everyone does, and can easily become overwhelmed when stretched to the limits. I then need a breather and a day or two away from my every day living to get my sanity back. 

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS I enjoy many things! I love to fish and go camping, mainly here at Walker Lake which is approximately 18 miles long and very wide. I enjoy chatting with special friends on my computer. I collect teddy bears of all kinds, bells, thimbles, porcelain dolls, baseball cards, wind chimes, but, my most favorite of them all is my collection of ceramic angels. In fact I love just about any thing with angels on it. Angels keep me focused and gives me a feeling of innermost peace. There is just something about angels that calms the soul. At one time I owned my own business, "Sierra Originals" making hand made greeting cards, drawing and painting each one separately, selling them in three different stores. I cannot say that I was a professional, but, I enjoyed making them and my busy season was Winter, around Christmas time. I still have hopes of opening up my business once again. I also enjoy writing poems which come from my heart. These can be read in another section of my site. I have started writing a book which is currently on hold until my schooling is finished and I know all there is to know about the completion process. Writing is something that I very much enjoy doing. I have written several newspaper articles, but my most favorite thing to write are essays.

EDUCATION AND WORK I attended Gardena High School in Gardena, California, where I graduated in 1972. I attended El Camino Community College where I majored in Psychology but other things had my attention then, so I took on another venture. I traveled to different towns with the choir that I was in at the First Southern Baptist Church in Gardena, California. We went to towns such as, Corona, Norco, Riverside, Hemet, West L.A.. and more, where we sang our little hearts out and enjoyed doing it. In 1973, I moved to Northern California and attended Merced Junior College where I again majored in Psychology. After deciding that College was not for me, I moved back to Southern California where I joined the working force.  For a year I was enrolled online with Western Governors University in Utah where I was going for my BA and Teachers' Certification in Interdisciplinary Studies, K - 8th grade but I have temporarily withdrawn until a later date.  Currently I am enrolled at Westwood College where I am taking classes online to obtain my B.A.. in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Juvenile Justice.  I am often asked why I attend College and I answer with a simple reply, "Because I can!"  There is no need for any further explanation.  I was working part time for the Mineral County School District as a Title 1 Aide at the Primary School but I resigned in June of 2006 I worked graveyard full time for the Don Goforth Juvenile Detention Center as a Detention Aide/Peace Officer.  I thought working for the Primary School was challenging until I started at the Detention Center and working both was extra challenging.  In January 2012 I resigned from the Detention Center after a month short of seven years and went to work as a Dispatcher for the Sheriff's Department and working only one job is very satisfying and keeps me on my toes. 

I have a thing for angels! Angels bring me inner peace! They are beautiful, Godly of course, serene, and there's just something about angels that are so amazing! My house is filled with angels everywhere you go, even in the master bathroom. I even have a fainting couch with angels all over it. I also have a towel with angels on it. I am a firm believer that angels are all around us, protecting us and keeping us from any harm. There are the heavenly angels and also the earthly angels! I am also a firm believer that God will pick an angel on earth to watch over you. You can meet my real life angel if you scroll down a bit.


Angel Hugs Postcards Guardian Angel! Click Here For Yours!
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I am very happy to say that I now have a picture of my real life angel! My angel's name is Jack! I believe God has sent this man to watch over me, somehow! Although I have never met Jack, I chat with him and I correspond through e-mail with him. He is truly an amazing man and I dearly love him! He is always there when I need him the most and he can tell just by reading an e-mail from me, whether or not I am really having a good day or a bad day, and I thought I covered up my bad days really well, guess I didn't after all. I have learned to be completely honest with Jack, I promised him I would tell him from now on if I am truly having a bad day. I hope to meet him one day, don't know when that will be, but, some day! "You are my Guardian Angel, watching over me, night and day" I love you Jack! This is for you! (THIS POEM WILL BE IN TWO PLACES, HERE AND ALSO, #41 POEMS PAGE THREE) 

"An Angel By My Side"

I've got an angel by my side,
and he's with me every day.
He brings me joy and happiness,
although he's miles and miles away.

I feel his presence everywhere I go,
and know God sent him here to stay,
to pick me up when I am down,
always sending love along the way.

I can't believe how blessed I've been,
to have such an angel sent my way.
I only hope that he knows how I feel,
because word's sometimes are hard to say.

I cherish this angel with all of my heart,
and all the smiles he gives - I try to give back.
It isn't very often, one this special comes along,
and he has a name, My Angel Buddy Jack!


It is with sadness in my heart that I write that I lost my Living Angel and he will truly be missed!