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LAST MODIFIED JULY 21, 2016 (NOTE TO VISITOR'S: IN THE DAYS AND WEEKS TO COME THERE WILL BE MUCH UPDATING DONE TO MY SITE. PLEASE BE PATIENT IF SOME PAGES ARE EMPTY, AS I AM MOVING THINGS AROUND A BIT AND ADDING MUCH MORE, THANK YOU AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY WHAT YOU SEE) I dedicate this site to my parents, Scott and Margaret, and my brother Richard, all of whom have left this world for a better place!  I love you and miss you!  I also dedicate this site to my wonderful husband Sam, our two sons Sammy and Christopher and my mother-in-law Mary, all of whom I love very much and I thank them for their support while I attend College and the many days and nights I have my nose buried in books, with homework up to my elbows. Welcome to my site! My name is Sierra and I originally started my web site on May 18, 2001 so that I may express myself more clearly and share my thoughts and poems with you. However, this is a new site which I am currently building, as of, August 18, 2002. You will find a collection of poems that I wrote years back when I was a confused teenager, some afterwards and those in which I have just written recently. You will also see an every day quote that may help you in some way to cope with your feelings on that particular day. I hope you enjoy what you read and are able to gain something from it. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank someone whom I have never met,(whose wonderful picture is posted at the left) someone whom if not for her wonderful hospitality, these beautiful angels you see throughout my site, would not have been possible. I would also like to thank her for my animated welcome sign! This is without a doubt, the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. So, Sharon, if you are out there, a very warm and heartfelt thank you and I love you! You have brought a touch of beauty and inspiration to me and to my site.

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