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Now if this isn't poetry, I don't know what is! The poem below was written by a very special friend, one in which I have been given the chance to get to know very well through e-mail. Actually, we went to high school together but didn't really know each other at that time. We know we both had a connection somehow since I had his name marked in my year book and he also had mine marked in his, we just haven't figured out what the connection was yet. His name is Richard Blackburn and he told me he used to write poetry for his wife. I told him that I would love to read a poem from him and this is what he wrote, "right off the cuff" as he puts it. His words flow so beautifully and one can easily picture what is going on in his poem as it is being read. He is a frequent visitor of my site and I feel very honored to put something that he has written on my site. Thank you Rich!

Warmth caresses my cheek as I awaken with a sigh
The previous night chased away by the sun on high
My heart quickens...I reach out for her
A night to remember...or am I sure?

The wind rustles through the dying leaves
My sigh carried away on the cool autumn breeze
The squirrels all a chatter; the birds in a titter
Was it all a dream? You're not here but I'll not be bitter

I continue the thought of you and a smile tickles my face
'Til we're together again, I am saving your place

Poetry is a wonderful way to express how you feel at that moment and time. Poems can show happiness, sadness, hatred, love, and the list goes on. Poetry is like watching a beautiful butterfly spreading its wings to fly or a field of wild flowers in bloom. In this section you will see a series of poems which I have just recently written. This section will be changing periodically, as I add another poem here and there. I hope you enjoy them!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Frank Lazeski for the beautiful butterfly photo's that I place on this page. Please visit his site which can be found on my links page. If you enjoy butterflies and other nature photography, you are sure to enjoy Anphog's Wild World of Photography.


Poem #54

 "How Do I Say Good Bye"

How do I say good bye,
when nothing makes sense to me.
How do I rid my heart,
of this feeling I can not see.

When will my heart stop aching,
and longing to be with you.
With my mind in a constant whirl,
from a love that's strong and true.

I wonder if you feel the same,
and do the tears flow freely,
knowing this is how it must be,
for two hearts in sync, ideally.

Often times I've wondered,
lying quietly in the dark,
while slumber completely evades me,
on your heart, have I left my mark.

For in the quietness of the night,
I feel your lips upon mine.
It is then, that my heart cries out,
and the words are hard to define.

How do I explain my feelings,
when deep down they must rest,
never to be awakened,
only in my heart to manifest.

How do I say good bye,
when all around me I see,
memories of the love we shared,
and happy moments you gave to me.

With each tear drop that falls,
the pain in my chest grows strong,
surely my heart is breaking,
for I know not where I belong.

With the morning light I wake,
and it is your face I see.
For only in that moment,
I realize, I must set you free.

Please know that I love you,
more than I could ever say.
Remember our whispers of love,
forever and a day!

© Sierra - May 31, 2005


Poem #55

 "Those Eyes Of Green"

As I sit upon my porch,
and dream of yesterday,
I see a very young girl,
waiting to find her way.

I see the portrait on the wall,
those talking eyes of green,
staring out upon the world,
wondering, what does it all mean.

What does the future hold,
for this maiden, young and fair,
whose eyes shine bright,
whose heart’s without a care.

I wonder will she marry rich,
or poor or in between.
Will it be her one true love,
who’ll treat her like a queen.

Will he take her breath away,
each time his touch she feels,
or when he looks into her eyes,
what is it, he reveals.

For in that one brief moment,
will her future be told,
or will she wonder aimlessly,
until she’s grown too old.

How many years will pass,
before she says I do.
How many children will she bear,
for this love so true.

Will she see beyond her pain,
or what might have been.
Will the darkness of those days,
turn brighter from within.

I see a future bright with promise,
like the rising of the sun.
Many days filled with laughter,
for a job well done.

I see this fair young maiden reach,
for all a heart can hold.
For in those eyes of green I see,
a future that’s been told.

                                                  © Sierra – June 16, 2005


Poem #56

"Remember When"

I remember a time when you said,
I made you feel so alive.
I remember the feeling deep inside,
my heart those words would revive.

For in the distant past you came,
into my life once more,
when I thought all hope was gone,
of a love that walked out the door,

Leaving me lost amid the tears,
from a heart that was broken in two.
Decisions made in haste,
and my life empty without you.

For if it's life that filled your heart,
what made you say goodbye,
again for the second time around,
leaving me with the question why.

Could it be new love I've found,
to chase away my pain.
Is this the reason you've gone away,
leaving me to linger down memory lane.

Just maybe if given the chance,
into your arms I'd run.
But tomorrow is just a dream,
and yesterday is done.

I can only look beyond,
and not what could have been.
Yet my mind wonders back,
and my heart cries from within.

For loneliness consumes my life,
and it's you I think of again.
Just when I think it's over,
I can't help, but remember when!

                                                © Sierra - August 28, 2005


Poem #57

Cherished Memories

 Each moment in thought, I think of you,
and all the love we share.
For all the memories we have made,
shows more and more we care,
about the times not spent together,
and for all the times we dare,
to profess our undying love,
in each others hearts we're there.
In ones life true love does shine,
to set the heart ablaze.
For once it's there, no one can take,
away what's there for always.
Forever my heart, forever yours,
especially in each others gaze.
When you look into my eyes,
know that forever it stays.
On the days when our hearts are sad,
and far apart we seem,
remember that with just a thought,
together we begin our dream,
and no matter what the time of day,
happiness dances on a sunbeam.
For it only takes one thought of you,
to bring back loves great theme.
One day we'll dance and sing,
and never have to part.
We will forever be united,
like it should have been from the start.
Our days and nights together we'll share,
and the road of life we will impart.
Cherished memories we'll have,
forever of the heart!
© Sierra - May 29, 2006