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In My Early Days
The first four poems were done when I was a teenager, lost and confused and in what seemed like my own little world. I knew what I wanted to say but didn't know how to say it. As you read them you will understand what I mean!
Writing is my only real way of explaining what and how I feel, but, we all know that when you are a teenager, that is almost impossible. This coming from the mother of one just out of his teens and one just in the middle.
Poem # 1

So Much of Life Ahead

The flowers bloom,
in the valley below.
The grass grows,
so bright and green.
The birds sing,
songs of love,
of happiness,
of spring,
of summer,
and of winter too!
Children play in the fields,
with joy.
So much of life ahead
for you
and for me!
What can we do?
for yesterday?
for today?
for tomorrow?
shall we travel?
shall we walk?
shall we run?
or all three?
there are a lot of things!
to do,
and !
And also a lot of TIME...
try and you will see,
there's so much of life ahead!
© Sierra

Poem # 2
"I Walk Along The Sandy Shore"

I walk along the sandy shore,
so peaceful and so calm.
The sunset so bright,
and the waves so cold.
No one in sight,
not even a bird.
I walk along the sandy shore,
in a world of my own.
No existence at all,
but, I myself.
Dawn has come,
and still no life.
For only I walk along,
the sandy shore.
© Sierra

Poem # 3

"The Waters Edge"

I look afar and see your face,
with wondrous love I embrace.
We'll walk upon the waters edge,
forever and ever, this I pledge!
© Sierra

Poem # 4

"The Rain as It Falls"

The rain as it falls,
trickles down on me.
The clouds like a blanket,
on the sea.
Colder and deeper,
as the days go by.
Laughing and walking in the rain,
theses are a few of my favorite things!
Showers of joy,
showers of love,
For you and for all.
Join hands with me,
and dance and sing,
rain brings out the joy in me.
Grass is greener,
flowers bloom.
These are a few of the prettier things!
Come with me and you will see,
how the rain can be,
as it trickles down on we?
© Sierra

Poem number five is one that I wrote for my brother Rick when he was in a very deep coma for three and a half months, not expected to live.
Poem # 5 (Soon to be published in "Straight From The
To My Brother Rick With Love
(During the three and a half months he spent in a deep

To see the sun shine in the sky,
to see the earth below.

To feel the cool breeze upon your face,
the cool dirt beneath your feet.

To cast your rod upon the waters,
and catch that big big Bass.

To run your hounds up in the hills,
to hunt for bear so large.

To hear the laughter of your children,
to feel the warmth of their embrace.

To know that we all care,
to hear the words, "We Love You."

© Sierra

Poem #6

"Oh Heart Of Mine"

Special place amidst my dreams,
which holds the love I feel.
Where I myself can only see,
for that of which is real.

Please touch my heart, my soul,
And dream with me this day.
Tell me that you love me,
As our spirits soar far away.

Shall we gaze upon the sunsets,
Of yellow, orange, and red.
And sit by the flowing waters,
To envision that which lies ahead.

Please, make me no promises,
Of which you cannot keep.
Just walk beside me always,
Wipe my tears as I weep.

For if tomorrow never comes,
Please know I did my best.
To give you all which you deserve,
And now my heart can rest.
© Sierra - June 18, 2001

Poem #7

Peaceful is the ocean breeze,
that softly blows ashore.
Gentle are the newborn waves,
rising from the ocean floor.

If I had only one wish to make,
i'd stay here, forever more.
I'd hold this feeling deep inside,
to cherish behind my minds closed door.

For only when I knew it safe,
would I freely release this thought.
Of cherished memories kept inside,
from which this breeze i've caught.

Only now will I listen close,
to the newborn ocean wave.
And give myself that freedom,
in which to me it gave.

I shall forever rest my soul,
upon this ocean blue.
Hold fast my heart again,
to receive the love that's due.
© Sierra - July 3, 2001

Poem #8
"Angels Kiss"

Angels kiss upon my cheek,
takes my fears away.
Gentle touch of angel wings,
brings closure to my day.

Peacefulness is what I seek,
within my heart this night.
And I shall forever hold,
this angel in my sight.

And as I leave this world,
my mind and soul set free.
There forever shall I stay,
and leave my angel with thee.
© Sierra - July 6, 2001

Poem #9 (July 9, 2001)

"Forbidden Love"

I come to thee with open arms,
to find my heart within.
And give my soul to only you,
with this the tears begin.

For only in our thoughts,
can we exclaim our love.
And only in our hearts,
we dare from heaven above.

To claim that which is ours,
a love that can never be.
So gentle and so sweet,
yet never to be free.

For as I quietly do weep,
I see your heart with mine.
And as you wipe my tears away,
Our souls become as one, sublime.

I shall forever keep this love,
deep within this heart of mine.
I give you this my solemn oath,
of precious dreams so fine.

That till the day I take my last,
breath upon this earth devine.
I shall forever love you,
within this heart of mine.
© Sierra - July 9, 2001

Poem #10


I've had a dream from long ago,
for which the sunlight brings.
To walk upon the distant shores,
where the wild, wild bird sings.

I dream I touch the sandy soil,
and feel the ocean breeze.
Where I can walk for miles on end,
with only myself to please.

I feel the sunshine on my face,
the sand beneath my feet.
Standing at the waters edge,
my life, it feels complete.

For tomorrow when I wake,
and leave this paradise behind.
I know i've come full circle,
and will feel great peace of mind.
© Sierra - July 10, 2001

Poem #11

"Nature's Balance"

I hear the roaring thunder,
and see the lightning flash.
It is a storm that I see,
coming with a mighty crash.

And off in the distance,
the trees begin to fall.
I see the flames around them,
once were these trees so tall.

I see the scurry of wild life,
once so quiet and serene.
I watch them as they hurry,
their future so unforeseen.

This is the balance of nature,
one in which cannot be stopped.
Their little ones behind them,
another dwelling they must opt.

But, with newness before them,
these creatures great and small.
Will endure what God has given them,
with each one standing, oh so tall.

They will start their lives anew,
with courage and with strength.
And will always be reminded,
of their travels at great length.
© Sierra - July 12, 2001

Poem #12

"Good Bye My Love"

I thought the day would never come,
That we must say good bye.
It is this day with sorrow sent,
with pain in my heart I cry.

Sweet memories fill my heart,
of days gone by with you.
Forever will I think of thee,
your loving face, in full view.

We've shared so many things,
from our laughter to our tears.
My heart is breaking as I speak,
and again your face appears.

For as we say our last good bye,
and the distance between us grows.
Please remember what I have to say,
and never will you presuppose.

That our love was only in vain,
but felt only in our hearts.
For this would not be true,
it is one which never departs.

It is felt within our souls,
growing deeper as time goes by.
It will last for all eternity,
until we both shall die.

Leave me now with outstretched hand,
both touching as we turn.
Do not look back this way my love,
for fear of our return.

It is now, we must move forward,
and walk away steadfast.
Remember that I love you,
a love never to be surpassed.
© Sierra - July 13, 2001

Poem #13
"Gentle Tears"

My tears gently fell last night,
as I thought of you.
For what I said to you my love,
and what I had to do.

My heart broke in tiny pieces,
knowing what I had to say.
I know that I hurt you,
and will live with it each day.

For if I could I'd take it back,
and gently ease that pain.
I would turn back the clock,
with everything to gain.

I'd tell you that I love you,
for you're always in my heart.
So precious is our love,
that it will never part.

So, for all that I've said,
remember this small phrase.
I love you, forever and a day,
and it burns with a soft blaze.

Forever warming in my heart,
and you must know this always.
That never shall it leave,
for in my heart it stays.
© Sierra - July 19, 2001

Poem #14

When I look out at the stars,
see them twinkling above.
I think about the angels,
sending everyone their love.

I sometimes feel their presence,
as I gaze up into space.
I remember all my blessings,
as my heart begins to race.

I see a falling star,
and to me what it means.
Is an angel coming downward,
for something that's foreseen.

They comfort those who need them,
giving unconditional love.
And turn the tears to laughter,
bringing joy from up above.

Next time you look up in the sky,
and see a twinkling star.
Remember that God loves you,
and sends an angel from afar.

To quide you and protect you,
as you go about your day.
Remember all your blessings,
with whatever comes your way.
© Sierra - July 20, 2001

Poem #15
(I dedicate this poem on May 5, 2003 to my best friend Tami whom I love very much and who also suffers from Multiple Sclerosis!)

If I could climb a mountain,
I would climb it with you.
I'd turn back yesterday,
and bid it adieu.

I would look towards tomorrow,
and all that it holds.
For all that it brings,
for all that it unfolds.

I would close my eyes,
and picture all the things.
That God put upon this earth,
and for all that life brings.

And as I reached the top,
of this mountain so high.
I would take you by the hand,
and look off into the sky.

I'd give you all my strength,
and take your pain away.
I'd give you back your health,
and help you day by day.

I'd gladly trade you places,
if it meant for your release.
Of what's taking you away,
I'd gladly give you peace.

I'd stay upon that mountain,
forever and ever, if I must.
If it would give you life anew,
for what I think is just.

I'd give my life for yours,
and never would be sad.
For doing what is right,
my heart would then be glad.
© Sierra - July 20, 2001

Poem #16

Precious is the child,
that walks around my feet.
Like the tiniest of angels,
with hugs and kisses greet.

A heart so young and pure,
a smile that lights the day.
With laughter like the sunshine,
a spirit that shows the way.

Our future of tomorrow,
these children of ours.
They learn by example,
cheeks rosy as flowers.

Cradle them with love,
and understanding too.
For they will always be,
a miniature of you.
© Sierra - July 27, 2001

Poem #17

Wonderful is the friend,
that shares with me each day.
Never ever do they complain,
no matter what's thrown their way.

They give me so much meaning,
to my every day life.
Giving freely of themselves,
relieving all my strife.

It is not every day,
friends happen like these.
And, it isn't by chance,
that they try to please.

It comes from within their hearts,
these wonderful friends of mine.
And nothing can compare at all,
to their friendship so fine.
© Sierra - August 2, 2001