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Poem #18

"Poetry In Motion"

When I think of poetry,
I think of all I love.
And I am very thankful,
for all of heaven above.

The wonderful flow of words,
and how they make you feel.
Like the ocean's waves,
makes it all seem so real.

Every word that's written,
more beautiful than the next.
Describes something wonderful,
and puts it all into text.

I could never really imagine,
a life without such rhymes.
They bring us such emotion,
carrying us through hard times.

So, when you read a poem,
read it with all your heart.
Picture all that it says,
all it holds from the start.

Let your heart and soul,
open with every verse.
And relax your very being,
and with every word immerse.
© Sierra - August 6, 2001

Poem #19

Your love for me takes my breath away,
as it touches my every being.
I feel your tender touch, so real,
it comsumes my soul, my heart does sing.

As we reach out in the night to touch,
our bodies, like burning embers meet.
And our minds soar above the clouds,
where we become as one, complete.

Such ecstasy I have never felt,
as our longing for each other grows.
Each moment spent within your arms,
I feel my face flush as a red rose.

Forever shall we be entwined as one,
never leaving each others side.
My soul shall never long again,
nor will our passion be denied.
© Sierra - August 21, 2001

Poem #20

Poem number 20 was to be a poem about the full moon and the beauty that it beholds. But, in light of the recent tragedy on September 11, 2001 I write this poem for those lives that were so tragically taken and for those who are working around the clock trying to give some kind of hope, some kind of light in the horrible darkness.


Send me an angel,
Oh Lord, my God.
Chase away my tears,
Take me home!

I watch in fear,
As the towers fall.
And light turns into dark,
Take me home!

I see the face of death,
And hear the people cry.
Through the smoke and ash,
Take me home!

What evil has done this,
To so many I love.
For the night is still.
Take me home!

And as they lift me,
From this tomb of stone.
I am set free once again,
Take me home!

For now only in spirit,
I will dwell within your heart.
Lay me to rest and
Take me home!
© Sierra - September 21, 2001

Poem #21

"I Saw An Angel"

Last night I saw an angel,
she was kneeling by my bed.
She smiled at me so sweetly,
as her fingers caressed my head.

The angel sees the sadness,
in my eyes that once shown bright.
For I know why she visits,
on this cold and lonely night.

For once where I stood stronger,
now, my body wracked with pain.
I lie still and lifeless,
my soul, she's here to claim.

It's not that I'm afraid to go,
but, it's who I leave behind.
There are so many that I love,
as their memories fill my mind.

I ask that God will give you each,
an angel of your very own.
To show you how much I care,
and love for each I've sown.

It is time for me to leave,
this wonderful world behind.
My body grows weaker and weaker,
So, fear not, for I do not mind.

Take care of all who are close,
and wrap your arms around them.
Hold on for as long as you can,
for their love from God does stem.

Oh, precious angel take my hand,
for the light grows dark and dim.
Lift me in your wingspread arms,
and please take me home to Him.
© Sierra - January 3, 2002

The original date that I was to write this poem was a year ago last month. Well, it is one year later that I am able to say that the poem is finished! Along with my dear friend Pat Ford who helped me immensely on rephrasing some lines and adding words here and there and who says it is "Awesome," here it is for all to enjoy. When I first started this poem, I had every intentions of using Rich Blackburn's phrases that he sent to me and was going to add bits and pieces of my own words to it. I wasn't comfortable enough placing my phrases with Rich's beautiful words. So, Rich, if you are out there, I hope this meets with your approval! I love you bunches and bunches, my cutie pie! (Bet you didn't think I'd put my nickname for you on here for the world to see, did you?)

Poem # 22

"The Full Moon Above"

As I wish upon a star so bright it carries my dreams away
Taking with them visions of you and I 'neath the full moon above.
So lovely and sweet these moments that we share each day
Each one precious and few that touches our hearts with love.

Take my hand in yours and feel the warmth of passion
That spreads like flames throughout my soul.
Caress my cheek gently and kiss the tears
That even now flow freely beyond my control.

Wrap your arms around me - feel my body close to yours,
Trembling with each touch - your hands like burning embers,
Bring new feelings as your lips on my neck explores
Your breath, like the fire burning within me, gently lingers.

Wanting more than I can give while the moon flickers on
Like the light from your eyes drowning deep in my soul.
Our hearts beating as one, as to new heights of passion we're drawn
Together and closer than ever before causing our emotions to unroll.

Lie down with me beneath the glistening moon
And say all the things that I've longed to hear.
Before our time together is over far too soon
Hold me in your arms and draw me ever so near.

For as the radiant moon above disappears over the mountain top
And together we reach where only two lovers may go.
Our bodies pressed together, neither of us wanting to stop
But we must restrain all these feelings that now inside us grow.

And as the full moon gives way to a brand new day
Our lips touch once more for only one brief moment.
It is now that we must part and sadly walk away
For only in our hearts and dreams will we be content.

And be able to move on with our lives as we both must
It is in this final moment that I can smile and say
"I have loved and given love in return" which is fair and just,
I will relive each moment and know there will always be a "Someday".
© Sierra - October 20, 2002

Poem #23
"A Step Forward"

My thoughts keep wondering back
to a time so fresh and new.
When life was simple and
decisions were easily made.

I look back where once
there was a smile.
And, my heart would leap
at the thought of you.

We held happiness and love
so close to our hearts.
Even though it should never
have happened for us.

It was a forbidden love
this love we did share.
Where only you and I
walked with hands held tight.

Yet now where once there
were smiles and happiness.
There lies tears and sadness
when you come to mind.

They say things change with time
and it is forward we must go.
So, with my broken heart
I step sadly into dawn.

For there are no more
what ifs or what could have been.
I wipe the tears from my eyes
once filled with love so deep.

It is only deep within my heart
that your memory fills a space.
And, I have no regrets of a
love that once shown bright.

I will take those steps forward
and remember you with fondness.
I will look to the future once more
and not at what could have been.
© Sierra - July 14, 2002

Poem #24

"A Love So Deep"

Shall I close my eyes to thee
and pretend that I do not care.
Shall I not hear what is in my heart
and dismiss these feelings true.

It is my heart, my mind, my soul
that brings my love out in the open.
I cannot let go of a past which
has not yet let go of me.

Our hearts are entwined as one
for as long as time permits.
Yet, even in death I believe
will go on for infinity.

Though we again will never
walk arm in arm and free.
But only in each others eyes
we see our love shine through.

These are the moments when
my heart fills with sadness.
Yet, these are also times when
my heart feels it may burst.

It is because of the love within
that we will truly never be parted.
For in our lives we have shared
A love so deep and honest.

I shall not close my eyes
and pretend I do not care.
For I must listen to my heart
and see all the love that's there.

It will always be my heart
you hear beating in the breeze.
Just as your heart, I will hear,
beating ever so close to me.

And, should our paths pass
on a beautiful moonlit night.
One touch, one caress, shall
we seize in that brief moment.

We will know that our hearts
have beat again as one.
And the past again will be
ours forever more you'll see.
© Sierra - July 28, 2002

Poem #25

Take me in your arms
and brush my lips with yours.
Put your arms around me tight
let me know that it's alright.

Walk with me for awhile
arm in arm, hand in hand.
Let us spend this time together
though we know it's not forever.

Let me close my eyes
and dream for just today.
For tomorrow when I wake
another memory home I take.

I can feel your touch
ever clear in my mind.
And, see your face smiling
your eyes, brightly twinkling.

Precious memories are these
that will forever remain.
Thoughts of another time
in the future, oh so fine.

Just give me this today
two hearts beating as one.
A time to share with each other
and perhaps one day, another.
© Sierra - August 8, 2002

Poem #26

Be proud of me for what I've done
and for what it means to me.
Don't walk away and just say "oh"
for a long awaited dream come true.

If you only knew how much it hurt
to watch you turn away.
Please look into my heart once more
and see the glow within.

I write what I feel is in my heart
not for prosperity, but for me.
Everything deep within my soul
pours out for all to see.

Be proud of what I accomplish
from years of just being me.
From the windows of my soul
my caring, because that's me.

Be happy for the ones I touch
if any there may be.
See beyond what you may want
and share my happiness with me.
© Sierra - August 10, 2002

WOW! The next three poems only, I had forgotten even existed, until a junior high/high school friend showed me a book from a Creative Writing Class that we took. These poems were when I was about thirteen years old and in the ninth grade. Boy, was I scary back then, or what?
"Whether or Not"

Whether or not,
is a question beyond all doubt.
Should we...
Leave well enough alone?
Or should we go one,
Living and striving
till all is dead?!!!
© Sierra

"Spirits of the World"

Spirits of the world,
Some harsh, some cold,
Yes, as the wind in the night,
They go longing about,
to wonder and roam,
looking and ghosting,
till all is moving.
© Sierra

#3 (A little more light hearted)
The Morning Sun bust forth----
First cool...
Then warm...
Warmer than, the love in my heart.
Bringing me joy...
Making me happy...
Like a smiling little face.
I wake up!
© Sierra